Bar \ Bat Mitzvah Theme

<p>Selecting the right theme for your Bar \ Bat Mitzvah early<br />can put your celebration on the path to success. While a<br />theme is not necessary, it can make choosing a venue<br />and entertainment easier.</p> <p>Here are some questions to ask your son \ daughter that<br />will get you started. What is their favorite…</p> <p>Color, Food, Movie, Actor\Actress, Model, Singer, Band,<br />Song, Teacher, Subject, Sport, Team, Player, TV Show,<br />Cartoon, Hobby, and so on.</p> <p>The answers may surprise you. Now armed with a theme<br />you are ready to select a place and entertainment that<br />will support your plans.</p> <p>ADJA entertainers who specialize in Bar \ Bat Mitzvah<br />can help you with more theme ideas to personalize<br />your celebration.</p>