Bar\Bat Mitzvah Kids eat, everyone else dines

<p>At formal youth events like Bar \ Bat Mitzvahs adults typically<br />prefer to enjoy their meal. Usually 1 hour plus. Whether it’s a<br />sit down meal or a buffet. Young people on the other hand<br />only need 10 minutes. If that. LOL</p> <p>One solution is to stagger the meal times. Let the adults savor<br />their meal, while your entertainer plays an interactive game<br />with the kids.</p> <p>A well designed interactive game that is not too loud will serve<br />as entertainment for the adults and keep kids occupied.</p> <p>Approximately 15 minutes later the Bar\Bat Mitzvah boy\girl<br />can lead his\her friends in a Conga Line to their very own<br />buffet line.</p> <p>Of course there is also that eat and dance at the same time<br />thing about Jewish events. But that’s a tip for another day</p>